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Artist Statement                                                                                                                Work

My work explores the line between acknowledging our physical temporality as human beings while also seeking to to acknowledge that which transcends almost every culture and human heart; what it means to carry on; what it means to be be eternal. Coming out of a line of artists such as On Kawara and Robyn O’Neil, my work seeks to find a balance between the two seemingly conflicting philosophical ideologies of limited time and the infinite. Asking questions such as How do you begin to create things that are meant to be archival when you yourself aren’t?And how do you begin to live infinitely in a finite world? Are the basis for my studio practice. 

In this work, I focused more on the traditional concepts of drawing and art; preserving and showcasing beauty and perfection through four images. In these pieces I sought to utilize the idea of perfection we are promised as Christians in the eternal realm. A combination of the two concepts of temporality and infinity is where I am headed, as I plan to expand upon these concepts in my future studio practice. 

Top: 40 Day Dream, Bottom: In the SunCopyright 2010 MP

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