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I Get Up Again                                                               

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Sleeping is seen as a universal metaphor for death. Throughout the ages, we have seen a number of comparisons between death and sleep; "eternal slumber". However, upon examining sleep and some aspects of sleep, we can begin to digest and breakdown what it really means inherently when we refer to death as a form of sleep.

Sleep is a temporary state. Countless numbers of light sleepers will tell us that sleep is very easily disturbed---there is a brief period of buffer time and noise that can be digested before sleep is no longer the state we are in. In the act of sleep, there are also two stages: the period of going to sleep, and the period of waking from sleep. Both of these scales function almost in a mirror-like way in that, the processes basically work the same, only reversed. This ability for sleep to move to awaken-ess mirrors the process of resurrection, in both a physical sense and also a mental/emotional/spiritual sense,

For this project, I chose five photographs to work from to represent the different stages of sleeping. Reading from top to bottom, we see a figure still obviously awake; eyes open, go towards become a figure who is resting, eyes covered. The process then in reverse (from bottom to top) mirrors the process of waking up, or resurrection. 

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